CNet Says New Samsung LCD HDTVs Best Ever

CNet Says New Samsung LCD HDTVs Best Ever

David Katzmaier of CNet reviewed one of the new Samsung LN-T4665F LCDs. He says its the nicest LCD he’s ever seen….which somehow translates into a tepid 8.3 rating.

They were impressed with the HDMI 1.3 port, the individual color controls. But they disliked the reflective screen, which kicked up massive glare in lit rooms. They noted it isn’t as dark as the ultra black 92 Series Sharps, like the LC-52d92u LCD, but the Sharp does have that blotchy lighting issue, so this the set to have.

AU: This TV we’re talking about is locally known as the M8 series. Why on earth do they have such nutjob complicated names in the US? M8, R8 and S8 is so much better than all that other crap.

The 65 Series is the top line LCD series at Samsung, until the 81 series comes out with LED backlighting. From what I’ve noticed from reviews this quarter, the tech is moving fast enough that you might want to think twice before picking up last year’s sets on a discount. And you might want to wait for the other new LCDs to come out from Sony and others before buying. This field is evolving quickly.

Samsung LN-T4665F – LCD TV – 46″