Chinese Amycoll PS3 Cannot Possibly Plagiarize Any More


There's two types of "homage" that we usually see from Chinese vendors. First, the Meizu type, who grab the look and feel and some functionality from other products but make them into something pretty respectable. Then, there's the Amycoll PS3.

First, there's the obvious "Amycoll" instead of Samsung's Anycall. Then there's the even more obvious "PS3." They didn't even try with that one. Add to that the PSP-like buttons on the top, which can be used in landscape mode with the D-pad on the left for gaming. Oh, there's more.

Once you start the thing up you see it's "running" Windows Mobile with Direct Push, except it's not. You wouldn't know that from the startup theme and sound effects though.

If you pop open the battery cover, you'll see that it's "Made in Koera," which truly cements the fact that Korean manufacturers like Samsung and LG have made it into the big leagues—who would have thought that only 15 or 20 years ago?

And speaking of software, there's a Bejewelled clone, plus Gameboy and Nintendo emulators. We suppose there's a Super Nintendo emulator in there too, but we're not entirely sure.

In any case, the Amycoll PS3 is a classy addition to anyone's phone library. And by classy, we think you know what we mean.

Amycoll PS3 [Phonedaily via Newlaunches]

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