Cheap Gadget Roundup: Monkeys, Obscene Gestures and a Useful Toilet

Don't quite have the money for a Helio Ocean but feel like getting a gadget high? We've got you covered. Here's a roundup of cheap gadgets that are both neat and, well, cheap. Cheap as in both low in price and quality.

happy-monkey-fm-radio.jpgGet a FM radio monkey for anyone who's born in the year of the monkey or just acts like a monkey. $16. Product Page [e-Goods via Technabob via ubergizmo]

neon-green-butt-station.jpegThis Al Bundy lookalike will hold your tape, pens, and paper clips. Guess where the paper clips are. $19. Product Page [Gifts for Professionals via nerd approved]

nerdlaptop.jpgNerd laptops sleeves will show everyone you're a nerd even before you take out your laptop with all the Warhammer 40K stickers on it. $35. Product Page [Barrysfarm via Techie Diva]

remotecontrolhand.jpgTalk to the fist, because the finger ain't listening. $29. Product Page [Things You Never Knew via Nerd Approved]

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