Chargepod 6-Way Charger for Small Electronics


Tired of dealing with all those wall warts and multiple plugs, wires, and power devices? Here's the Chargepod from Callpod, doing a six-way with your small electronics such as cellphones, headsets and MP3 players. You pick out the devices you'd like to accommodate from the list on the Callpod site, and this tiny, lightweight device can juice up six of them at the same time.

A disadvantage we're seeing at this point is that you can't use Chargepod with larger electronic devices such as laptops. It includes an AC power adapter, and you can also get an optional USB adapter ($29.95) or a car charger ($19.95). We're digging those little blue indicator lights, but its $49.95 price (plus $9.95 per adapter) seems a little steep. We'll have to test this thing for you.

Product Page [Callpod]

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