Mobile Hip Flask Means you can Drink and Dial

NEWS-7861-8083de37db422100479fac7e6c899750.jpg I think I just might have found the phone to replace my aging RAZR (which I have detested with a vengeance since the day after I bought it but am too tight-fisted and lazy to replace it. Apparently I am due an upgrade from my phone company but, like I said, BOTHERED). The most important thing is that, unlike most phones, it seems to be waterproof—in fact, it looks like it runs on alcohol, so it's easy to charge, even when you're miles from a power point. It doesn't have a camera (see if I care), or GPS—although it can make you sing "Show me the way to go home" after too much use. And do you know the best thing? It's just $12.95.

Product Page [X-Treme Geek via]

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