Carry This Hammock With You, But Not Too Far


It's getting to be hammock season, and we want to assist you in your lazy, hazy and crazy activities for the summer, so what better idea than to show you this Discovery Deluxe Portable Hammock? Well, "luggable" might be a more accurate word, because the thing weighs 22 pounds.

If you can deal with that, it's well over 8 feet long so it's probably sizable enough to accommodate even the tallest Gizmodian siesta seeker, as long as you don't weigh more than an eighth of a ton. Take the jump for one more pic of this slacker's device in (in)action.


It's those steel frames that make this sucker weigh that hefty 22 pounds, even so, this hammock is designed for carrying, with a couple of shoulder straps will help you lug it to that special secluded spot. It's yours for $99.95.

Product Page [Discovery Channel Store]Thanks, Kevin!

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