Butts-on With TreyChair: The Transforming Office Chair


You may remember the TreyChair—the chair that also turns into a stool and a floor rocker—because we showed it to you last week, but we finally got to get our hands and butts on it over the weekend and fully test it out.

After grinding our rears into it for hours and hours on end, we came to the conclusion that it's a fantastic office chair in itself, but the bonus of being able to become a great tray and floor chair for gaming makes it even more worthwhile.

We tested both the faux leather and the fabric version, and although some people prefer fabric, we enjoyed the softness and smoothness of the faux leather. More than two of our friends also told us that we should always go with faux leather because they're a lot easier to clean if you spill stuff on it. Strange that everyone we talked to had that same suggestion—what are we, clumsy or something?

When the TreyChair is in office mode, you can barely tell that it has the ability to Optimus Prime into something more. It comes with the standard tilt controls, height adjustment, and five wheels that all office tasks chairs come with.

It gets really interesting when you grab the switch on the back of the chair, lift up the seat and separate the two like the saucer and engine section of the Enterprise D. The seat becomes a rocking chair for the floor, which is fantastic for doing stuff at ground level. The wheels become a tray, which is probably where the name TreyChair came from. The tray is height adjustable and can easily slip in between the rockers of your chair if you want to get in close for some work on your laptop.

With the chair in separation mode, you can pretty much use it for a stool, a footrest, or anything you can come up with (like sexy-time, but we didn't test that).

All in all, the price of $239 for the fabric and $269 for faux leather makes this a not-too-expensive solution to your chair needs if you need a chair for both the office and the living room.

Product Page [TreyChair]

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