Breakfast Wrap: Best of the weekend


If you were out pretending you have a life over the weekend—and you're only fooling yourself—then here is a quick recap of some of the stories you missed.

An outhouse doing over 100km/h, curry flames in its wake.
A spare jet engine, and idle hands, can be a dangerous thing.

Acer's new notebooks with Dolby certification.
Surround in a notebook? What? If nothing else, we're talking much better sound than most.

Night vision webcam: naturalists and pervs rejoice.
Not sure how the naturalists will get this working in remote outdoor locations, but the pervs have it easy.

Awesome monolithic tower of solar worship power.
I thought wind farms looked cool! I want one of these in my town!

Fashion meets nanotech, clothes fight smog and the flu.
It fights stains too, but that's not nearly as high-tech as smog and virus killing.

Intel Moorestown chipset could give UMPCs 24-hour battery life.
Battery life soon ready to last longer than you do.

YouTube ready to pay select vid producers.
If you have some video making talent, time to get your game on.

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