Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday's feed


Ready for your daily dose?

Anti-violence shock gun.
And by anti-violent, they mean insanely violent, but mostly non-lethal...

Get twice the sleep in half the time.
Scientists make machine that triggers REMs to get more rest out of less sleep. Oh God, I need this.

Canon HR10 peek: AVCHD camcorder to DVDs.
Canon joins Panasonic and Sony in the AVHCD club. Is this a good thing?

Hot rice, just add cold water.
Way for wacky science helping us cook with less effort than ever.

AMD Quad-Core info leak.
Leak as in news, not some kind of data leak trouble on the chip.

10 things to know before buying an upscaling DVD player.
Because DVD is still a good idea as long as format shenanigans continue.

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