Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night


What? You didn't stay up all night? Okay, here's the best of what you missed.

Hands on with the new Optimus Prime action figure.
'Nuff said.

Rumoured MacBook Mini rumoured to be delayed until 2008?
A rumour within a rumour... like Shakespeare, only even more annoying.

Massive wind turbine powers 4,000 homes.
Attach some chairs and you've got an awesome ferris wheel too.

Peter Gabriel launching free, ad-supported music download service.
He could be your steam train, if you'd just lay down your tracks...

How about making your martinis in a special yo-yo?
James Bond would change his tune if he saw this in action.

OLPC specs unveiled.
Still thinking this could be a great extra machine around the house?

Aussie Big Brother Nerd uses leet skillz to solve house secret.
Because every problem has a tech shortcut FTW.

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