Boynq Toastit Card Reader Gives You Neither Tits Nor Toast

boynq_toast_drive.jpgWe likes us some crispy crunchy toast slathered with creamy butter around here, so we were immediately attracted to this Toastit flash card reader from Boynq. The product's site says it's pour homme, which is fancy Frenchie talk meaning "for man," and we can see why, because it has the word "tit" in it and it also mentions boinking, although they really need to learn how to spell that word.

Besides its attractive and evocative retro look, this little card reader can accommodate most flash cards, and will cost you a whole lot less than your average boinking, just $30. Too bad it doesn't pop up the flash card once it's finished burning its data within. But they've got to be kidding about that brand name, right? Boynq?

Boynq has new take on card reader [ubergizmo, via technabob]

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