BolsiPlus: Add Pockets To Anything (Verdict: Please Don’t)

BolsiPlus: Add Pockets To Anything (Verdict: Please Don’t)

If looking at the news gives you the idea that the world is going to hell and the Apocalypse is about to break loose on Earth, look no further. What you hear is the noise of thunder and the trumpet-playing beast, because we have found the definitive proof: Behold, the BolsiPlus.

BolsiPlus are sticky pockets. Yes, they are pockets, they stick, they made every surface fugly useful. And thanks to NASA’s Apollo program and the genius of Ilde Irun, its inventor, these pockets can attach to any surface known to mankind: just stick that Velcro strip to your laptop, fridge, wall, door, car seat, PlayStation 3, nuclear submarine or favorite tiger-pattern thong.

And as you can see in the gallery, they come in all kinds of fabrics and decorations. There’s even a Wall Street Journal model, perfect to put Walter Mossberg’s exclusive pre-production iPhone in his exclusive pre-production next generation Santa Rosa MacBook. You can even send your own photo. A video demonstrating its hundred billion uses (not safe for work, play or life) after the jump.

(For the love of all that is good and sacred! STOP THAT MUSIC!)

I told you, not safe for any carbon-based lifeforms. If you have to get one, prices range from $4 to $6, depending on the model. Or you can get a pack with the six models for $20.

Product page [Bolsiplus]