BitTorrent Pirate Lands In Clink

Jailed_Pirate.jpgAmong the many comments trailing our essay on the coming N-format war, some said that a non-DRM approach was best, but that the only type currently available was the piratical kind, a la BitTorrent. Well, it seems there's a downside. Today a Hong Kong man became the first person to be jailed for BitTorrent- related video piracy. (Note: He is not the actual pirate shown in our illustration.)

Yep, Chan Nai-ming got three months in jail, a month each for Daredevil, Miss Congeniality and Red Planet. I mean, Miss Congeniality I understand, but Red Planet???? The Court of Appeal were swayed in the end not so much by the man's behavior but by his online handle, "Big Crook." Excuse me while I change my screenname to "InnocentGuy2077".

Hong Kong online movie pirate loses appeal [Reuters]

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