BioLock Fingerprint Deadbolt Lets You Go Keyless

biolock_deadbolt.jpgWe're keeping our eyes on deadbolt technology these days, and here's one step beyond that keyless locking deadbolt we showed you a couple of weeks ago: The BioLock Fingerprint Deadbolt lock lets you open sesame with the touch of your index finger.

It can learn 50 different fingerprints, and for the old-school members of your household, yes, it has a regular old lock and key as a backup. It takes just a second to recognize your fingerprint, and you can swipe your finger to both lock and unlock it.

More details and pricing:

On the interior side of the lock, there's the usual lever that you turn to lock the door. It runs on four AA batteries, which are said to last a year, and it still remembers those fingerprint codes even when the batteries run down.

Plus, its exterior LED will make the burglars think you have an alarm installed. It's available in polished bronze or satin nickel finish for $229.

BioLock Fingerprint Deadbolt [Oh Gizmo]

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