Big Fat Juicy Rumour: Palm "Hawk" UMPC Next Week?


I've always disliked UMPCs, little computers trying to run full windows to full effect. Which is why a Palm powered UMPC rumor has so much Boom! to it.

The rumored target date for the rumoured Palm UMPC continues to narrow down, while the odds go up based on the timepeg. The Brighthand boys say it's next week. But let's be clear - they have 10,000 words of speculation, but little fact. It's basically Coffee Talk ("Talk Amongst yourselves") but with pasty Treo nerds instead of New York hags.

But at least they've given the device a neat-o moniker, "Hawk" after Palm founder Jeff Hawkins. Who happens to be speaking at All Things D next week. Coincidence? I don't know, but don't go buying any stock. Please. You wall street types are animals. Seriously, go read a newspaper.

Brighthand's Predictions for Palm's "Hawk" [via Gadgetlab]

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