Bearaphin Skins + Emotibuds = Cutest iPod nano Ever


These Bearaphin skins for 2G iPod nanos kind of remind me of the Care Bears, but on a bad acid trip, with their bright colors and animals sketched on their tummies. There's some function to the drug-induced cuteness, however, as the skins protect your screen and click wheel to boot, and you can wrap your headphones around their little not-honey-covered paws for easy storage. Plus, it comes with a neck strap!


If your cuteness-addled brain needs still more exploding out of your pocket (or ears), just slap some Emotibuds on your earbuds—they look like they'll fit on most earbuds, so I want to see them on some Shure E500PTH's—and even the most jaded passerby should fawn—or puke—at the sight of your pimped cuted out iPod. All for about $41 total.

Product Page [via shiny shiny]
Product Page [via shiny shiny]

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