Battlemodo: Battery Test: Motorola Qs Go Head to Head

MotoQs.jpg As much as I love my Moto Q, I can't stand that its battery barely makes it through a day. Seriously, this phone cannot last 24 hours (even with very light use). So we checked out the goods on the new Moto Q9 and guess what? It's using the same battery as the old Q. Does this mean you'll have to carry around a spare battery or charger? No. The folks at Motorola claim the Q9 will last for roughly 2 days with typical use and around 4 days with hardly any use. Here's how they did it.

CDMA phones are resource hungry, so they hog up a lot of battery life. The new Q is GSM-based, so Moto claims it'll use significantly less power. In addition, Motorola also gave the new Q a few battery-saving features. One of them relates to the phone's display. The new Q's display dims itself faster than the one on the old Q. This can be both good and bad depending how you look at it. But combined, Motorola says this equals more juice.

What about the keyboard? Believe it or not, but I like my old Q's keyboard better. Something about the new QWERTY keyboard on the Q9 makes it easier to hit the wrong key (especially since the buttons are now squished together). So until I put the new Q through a real world battery test, I'm holding off on the upgrade.

Motorola May 07 [Gizmodo]

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