Automoblox: Blocks That Don't Suck


There is a reason that you have such fond memories of playing with blocks as a youth: positive memory bias. Or, as bastardized/made up for our purposes here, what you completely forgot was all the times you cried while playing with blocks. And that Stonehenge is only impressive due to the weight of its components and your 1st grade teacher was a sarcastic witch.

Enter the $35 Automoblox, with which children can mix and match sets to build cars. Comprised of a mixture of wooden (traditional) and plastic (futuristic!) pieces, kids can finally build something that will prepare them for their bleak future in technology blogging. Especially for articles about Automoblox.

Looking over the designs, the only problem seems to be that all the kits look the same...but it's still better than yet another miniature Stonehenge.

Product Page
[via randomgoodstuff]

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