AT&T Mobile Backup Secures Your Contacts


It's kind of a pain to back up the numbers in your phone even for people who know how, so imagine how your mother feels. Now you can skip the google search to see if your phone's compatible with your computer by just using AT&T's Mobile Backup.

After you install the suite onto your phone, you can either manually back up your contacts all at once, only back up some, or just set up a schedule to do it all for you. They're stored on AT&T's servers, which means they're slightly more resistant than backing up stuff on your own machine. And if you get a new phone (that's supported), it's easy to download the contacts again. It's so painless you'll want to drop your phone in the toilet just to use it.

Complete list of supported phones after the jump.

• LG CU400
• LG CU500
• Moto KRZR
• Moto SLVR L7
• Moto RAZR V3
• Moto RAZR V3i
• Moto RAZR V3r
• Moto RAZR V3xx
• Moto V365
• Cingular SYNC
• Sony Ericsson W300i
• Sony Ericsson W810i

AT&T Mobile Backup

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