Asuka Tripper V Photo Storage Viewer


This is the Asuka Tripper V Photo Storage Viewer, hot off the production line in Japan. It's got an 800 x 480-pixel screen and is JPEG, RAW, MPEG-4, MP3 and AAC compatible, as well as MP4s, so it's not just a gizmo for serious photographers.

We've featured both the Canon and the Epson P-5000 before but, at around $660 for 160GB storage, the Asuka is cheaper and roomier (with the Epson, you get half the storage for the same price.) There are also 120GB ($570) and 80GB ($400) models to chose from. These are Japanese prices, so expect to pay a tad more over here.

Asuka Tripper V [PC Watch via Google Translate]

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