Apple TV Over Slingbox Hands On


Sling's Slingplayer Mac beta moves to version, which gives it the Apple TV support I was waiting for. Yay! Aside from wanting to click on the Apple TV's UI instead of the Slingbox's virtual remote, it works fine over the LAN (video after the jump). The simplified Apple remote is easy to navigate over Slingplayer.

On Windows Mobile 5 on a Verizon Q, the Apple TV's screen fonts become hard to see unless you're full screen. The simple remote does really well when controlled via menus, however. For more screens of both the Windows Mobile and Mac controlling an Apple TV over the wire, check the gallery.

And jump for the vid.

I don't ever leave my house, and when I do, it's with my Macbook already loaded with all my Apple TV's content. But I suppose the Mac client's Apple TV functionality is great for those who want iTunes content access while they're off the home network, on a separate machine. Complicated? Yes. Welcome to the mind-fark that is meta streaming.

The client also gives the Slingbox Frontrow support, and a nifty photorealistic TiVo Series 3 remote.

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