Apple Patent Gives Lightweight Notebooks a Bulletproof Skeleton


The folks at Apple wanna redesign the ultraportable as we know it. Well, its insides at least. They wanna give it an enclosure that'll keep them from flexing, but not add any weight. You see, the enclosures inside most notebooks have mechanical assemblies with parts that are screwed or fastened on. This makes for sturdy notebooks, but also heavier, bulkier systems. Rather than use screws, Apple wants to bond enclosures electrically or with glue/paste. This will make them sturdier than today's ultraportables, but also lighter than your typical notebook. No word on when we'll see such an animal (or if such an enclosure would work), but as an ultraportable fan, I hope this makes them a little tougher than what's out now.

Patent [via Electronista]

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