AOpen and Niveus Crash the Intel Launch Party


We hit up Intel's launch party this afternoon to check out some more next-gen Centrino Duo goodness and much to our surprise we came across a pair of fresh-outta-the-oven small form factor PCs that plan on borrowing features from the new mobile platform.

First up is AOpen's new Mini PC Duo (MP965), which uses the 965 GM chipset and houses one of Intel's new Core 2 Duo processors. It's not a Centrino system (because it uses the Viiv platform and doesn't pack any battery-saving features), but it does have the option for built-in wireless. It'll come out this summer ranging from $999 to $1499. Likewise there's this Viiv-based system from the folks at Niveus which is set to launch Q3. There was no pricing on the latter, but looks-wise, Niveus' system looks right at home in any living room, especially since it's packing an HD DVD drive.

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