AMD's Quad-core CPUs Leaked?

athlon64x2.jpg AMD has been pretty quiet, but that doesn't mean they haven't been thinking of ways to put an end to Intel's desktop dominance. Details have been leaked on the company's first four-core CPU, dubbed the Phenom X4.

The CPU will come in at speeds ranging from 2.2GHz to 2.6GHz, with HyperTransport speeds of 3.2GHz and 3.6GHz. For power users, AMD has the Phenom FX chips, which you'll be able to pair in twos for 8-core performance. The high-end FX and X4 chips are expected to ship this summer followed by mid-level X4s later in the year. Hopefully this marks the start of the Intel versus AMD war again.

Final AMD "Stars" Models Unveiled [DailyTech via Electronista]

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