AMD Puma to Intel Centrino: “Surrender Your Laptops!”

AMD Puma to Intel Centrino: “Surrender Your Laptops!”

AMD is charging against Intel’s current Santa Rosa dominance and future Montevina platforms with their Puma chipset. They said it has been designed for mobile computing from the ground up. I say it was about bloody time already.

At the core of Puma there is their new Griffin 65nm mobile processor, with cores in separate power planes (so they can be managed separately and save energy), a new DRAM pre-fetcher (to increase efficiency on memory operations) and HyperTransport 3.0 (so you can travel through interdimensional portals and do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs).

On paper the Griffin is not that different from the Intel Core 2 Duos. However, the big news are in the chipset itself, which has features that are not present in Santa Rosa and even Montevina. You can read about them after the jump.

The AMD 780G can deliver DirectX 10 graphics acceleration, full high definition H.264 decoding with both HDMI and Display Port outputs and 5GHz PCI Express ports. As you know, Santa Rosa doesn’t have any of these features. Montevina won’t have 5GHz PCI Express support until 2010. AMD will also add the option for HyperFlash, which is a technology similar to Intel Turbo Memory.

Keep in mind that Puma is not here yet and these are only “platform details” announced by AMD. They have even pointed to a new platform called Fusion, which will feature CPU-GPU integration for laptops in 2009. Intel has said that they are also investigating that path but for the time being, my bet is that they are thinking “fusion-schmusion” as Santa Rosa takes over the world today.

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