Adrenalina Auto Injector


Sometimes you haven't gotten enough sleep. Others, you find yourself facing harrowing odds against that guy you flicked off while driving on the interstate because, apparently, he needs gas at this station, too. In any case, the Adrenalina Auto Injector will be a useful product should the design ever be marketed.

Built with a failsafe in mind, it's nearly impossible to misfire the sweet adrenaline nectar onto the ground (even when in the most dire of circumstance). Using dual action activation, the Adrenalina requires two buttons to be pressed for injection. One is at the needle end, which is pushed in by your thigh when properly aligned. The other is on the injection side, pushed by your thumb (or index if you're feeling stylish). The design allows those in trouble to self-administer without yet another thing to worry about.

Because apparently some people can die if they don't get their "rush" fast enough or something, pretending their neck is swelling and making a big fuss.

Student Design Awards [via medgadget]

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