Activision Confirms Wireless Guitars for Guitar Hero III


Guitar Hero fans, rejoice! It looks like with Guitar Hero III, you won't have to worry anymore about rocking out so hard that you yank the controller out of your system. Activision has announced that Guitar Hero III will finally (thankfully) feature wireless guitars for all systems.

The Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will pack Gibson Les Pauls, while the PS2 version will come with a Gibson Kramer. On top of that, they'll have removable faceplates for greater customization (i.e., Activision can make money selling "custom" faceplates).

IGN also mentions a mysterious "new button colour design," which Activision claims will make for "an even greater authentic feel and rock experience." Yeah, the rainbow of buttons was never exactly metal.

Wireless Axes Confirmed for Guitar Hero III [IGN]

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