A Gamer Who Can Beat You Using Just His Thumb

switchxs.jpgMike Philips is a Mac gamer and writer. He plays games like World of Warcraft and Unreal Tournament, is working on a novel and is a freelance tech writer. What makes him unique? Well, the fact that he does all this using only one thumb.

Mike was born with spinal muscle atrophy, leaving him with control over only one thumb. But using a proximity switch connected to the Swifty USB switch interface and SwitchXS software, he's able to fully use a computer and frag like a pro. It's pretty amazing, and it makes your poor performance in UT using both hands seem even more pathetic. Be sure to check out the short video "One Thumb to Rule Them All" to see Mike gaming in action.

One Thumb to Rule Them All [via TUAW]

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