8-core NextDimension Briefcase MegaComputer


The 8-core NextDimension Pro and Evo really push the envelope of portability. But then again, the computers have 8 freakin' cores.

Based upon the Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor 5300 Series, the systems sip only 100W of processing power despite their beefy specs. And the briefcase-sized form comes in handy when you realize there's room for 12 2.5" hard drives and 4 PCI or PCIe slots. Plus, the Evo line features built-in RAID with support of 6 SAS or 8 SATA drives. On top of all that, you still get amenities like FireWire and space for up to 24GB of RAM, but how they keep the compact system from melting into expensive goo was not discussed.

We'd love to have one of these setups for mobile HD video editing. Otherwise, we'll just stick to our MBP and its handy display/battery/keyboard setup.

Press Release [via coolestgadgets]

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