6 Things You Missed at WinHEC 2007


The Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) is in full force over in Los Angeles with one day left before the show closes up shop. The convention is basically an opportunity for MS and its developers to showcase their goods with product concepts, product launches and everything in between. Here's what's been noteworthy.

*MS wants to give your office phone a serious makeover with new IP phones that let you check email messages and sport color, touch screen displays.

•Designers went a little crazy at the Next-Gen PC Design Competition where the boring PC box was traded over for funky, new designs.

•Wanna have a multi-monitor set up? DisplayLink is working on technologies that'll let you hook up multiple monitors to your PC/laptop via USB or (event better) wirelessly.

•D-Link introduced the Xtreme N Duo MediaBridge (DAP-1555) which lets you add 5GHz Draft 802.11n capabilities to your existing router by hooking up the DAP-1555 to one of your router's Ethernet ports. Why is 5GHz better than 2.4GHz? 5GHz means being able to stream hiccup-free HD video throughout your house. It'll be out in Q3.

•In addition to the HP MediaSmart Server we showed you last month, LaCie and Gateway will also come out with Windows Home Server-powered devices geared to help multiple-PC households centralize all their media.

•MS plans to expand Windows Rally technology (essentially this means wireless devices will connect with each other without any hassle).


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