4-Port USB ExpressCard Hub is Obvious, Convenient

4-Port USB ExpressCard Hub is Obvious, Convenient

With all the USB stuff we post on here, you’re bound to be running out of ports on your laptops, desktops, and everything else that has slot for USB. That’s why this ExpressCard USB hub is so convenient.

Instead of using an external hub, this ExpressCard slides into your computer and gives you four extra ports before you can say “Hmmm, I’m out of USB ports for this humping dog.”

The hub can actually be powered by an external AC adapter—which they brilliantly enough don’t include—so you’re going to have to fetch one yourself. The only downside is that the adapter doesn’t “lock” into the ExpressCard slot, which means all your USB junk will be disconnected if you accidentally bump into it.

Dragon Steel Mods [via Everything USB]