3's X-Series gives birth to new handsets

3%20%28X-Series%29.jpgThe least tempting thing about 3's X-Series so far has been the handset range: for such an inspiring network concept, the handsets were what I like to call Minogues... as in Danni. Nice enough, but there are others you'd rather spend your time with. But NOW! Things are looking a little more Kylie...

The line up has now got some of the best smartphones around on board, with the Palm Treo 750, the RAZR V3xx, and — my personal fave — the DoPod 838Pro (I just loves me the side sliding full QWERTY smarties). Other current lust objects, the Nokia N95 and the LG Shine, get a "will be announced shortly" tag.

X-Series is hot. When they get Skype to do In/Out (they swear it is purely a software issue right now, not some block on over the air VoIP), it will be ... more hot. Question is, can you handle it? Okay, the real question is, do you have the right reception? I can, and I do, so I do.

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