1000GB Blu-ray by Hitachi?


There's a highly dugg story floating around the Internet about a 1000GB, or 1TB, Hitachi Blu-ray burner that was just announced in Australia. While there is no reason to question the Smarthouse News article's validity, it was a little light on the clarity.

A 1000GB Blu-ray disc is a technical impossibility because the strict standards of format production will always limit the laser and 25GB/layer storage. A double-sided 8-layer could presumable get you somewhere around 400GB, but it's still short.

So what is this $2000 mystery 1TB Blu-ray burner? It's the new 1TB Hitachi hard drive with a burner attached—all in happy home theater form. That's our bet, at least. And this new announcement still could be pretty cool.

AU: Some folks really need to RTFA. As Mark points out, this is a story about an integrated 1TB DVR and Blu-ray player / burner. How on earth Diggers and the like started thinking this was some kind of freakshow Blu-ray update is beyond me.

1000GB Blu-ray Burner Announced By Hitachi [via digg]

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