WSJ Pulp Bite: Mossberg Smites Crapware for the Republic

mossbewg.jpgLast week, Mossberg, Caesar of the WSJ's Gadget Empire, declared war on PCs shipping with Craplets, the bloatware that comes with new computers. It was the most popular story on the WSJ's website that day, and so this week Mossy followed up with a post for the people about how to smite those annoying little apps. Yes, Mossberg for the People!

He's mentioned the crapware hunter-killer software Decrapifier. And that Dell's XPS line can be ordered clean. Which all sounds... familiar. Very familiar. cough*backlink*cough!

He also talks about reinstalling the OS as soon as you get a new PC, which he doesn't recommend because a) most newbs don't know how b) install discs, if a PC comes with, often come with crapware on the install discs. And he lists buying from white box vendors and requesting a virginal OS installs, but only if they're reputable.

Beyond that, it was interesting to see Walt mention that it was the most popular story on the WSJ that day, AND that lots of websites linked to the story. Somehow, I'm pretty sure the two are related.

Ways You Can Avoid Getting Junk Programs On Your New Computer [WSJ]

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