World's Smallest R/C R2D2: Reviewed In the Palm of My Hand


This R2D2 droid we wrote about a few days ago had a few surprises in store once I opened the box.

It's smaller than it seems in pictures. I'd say its about perfect scale to the old Star Wars action figures. I would have killed for one of these back in the day. Not sure if it'll fit in the X Wing from Hasbro, but I'm guessing a yes. The Japanese import has an IR lightsaber remote which controls the action.

When operating, the lightsaber can make R2D2 move forward and back but when it moves back, he spins. That's how the little guy turns. While on the move, his dome pivots a little bit side to side, and an a red LED goes off, as if he's looking around for trouble or a terminal interface to jack into. The whistling and purring R2 does while moving is emitted from the lightsaber.

Overall, its a fine piece of gear. At $30 bucks, it might make a good gift, cat toy, or a good friend to have when you're trying to get the Hyperdrive working.

VIDEO: R/C R2D2 [Thinkgeek]

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