Wi-Fi May Cause Death, Or Worse

handsfree.jpgThe chairman of the British Health Protection Agency is worried about all that Wi-Fi coverage everywhere. Sir William Stewart is calling for a formal investigation as to whether all that wireless radiation from Starbucks, your house and free municipal access is giving you health problems. Good thing you're not this British Woman, who's totally allergic to any kind of electromagnetic fields strong enough to communicate with.

We've been with TV, radio, cellular, and now Wi-Fi coverage wherever we go for the last century, so it's hard to say that we can actually give up our wireless networks if a problem really is found. But there's not a gigantic difference between Wi-Fi and cellphones (besides the range), so we probably won't have to go completely wired yet. But if that British woman is any indication, we could all have some kind of response to Wi-Fi, just on a smaller scale than hers. Maybe this thing really is worth looking into.

Danger on the airwaves: Is the Wi-Fi revolution a health time bomb? [Independent]

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