Whoomp iPod Earbud Enhancers Fit Better, Smack You With Bigger Sound

whoomp.jpgThese Whoomp earbud enhancers make your ordinary iPod earbuds kick some serious ass. In case you missed them when when they were rolled out a couple of months ago, we wanted to show them to you because they're an improvement on Griffin's EarJams (some evocative imagery in that name; at least they didn't name them EarCheeses). Snap these Whoomps onto your iPod earbuds and suddenly you're dealing with an in-the-ear design, rattling your skull with jaw-jarring bass.

We're big fans of Griffin's EarJams, astonished at the increased fidelity you can get with a good seal in your ear canal. How do Whoomps improve on Griffin's design?

They take that idea a step further with their soft "Comply" foam tips that are pliable and comfy, molding themselves to the unique shape of your ears. Plus, you get a choice of earpiece sizes, offered in a package of two pairs of either large or small Whoomps, or a pair of each size, for $19.95. Good deal, because you only get one pair of EarJams from Griffin for that same price.

Whoomp. I like that name. Ari Gold from Entourage and Steve Jobs should start saying that instead of "Boom." Whoomp!

Product Page [Hearing Components, Inc.]

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