What’s in store for .au?

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We’re getting a lot of questions about what an Aussie version of Gizmodo can do for you. While it’s early days and like any blog we’re slowly finding our feet, here’s a few things that will be hitting Gizmodo Australia real soon:

  • Dealzmodo Australia: yes, flagging deals that will actually matter to you. If you spot any, feel free to share through the local tips address.
  • Local competitions: Seen cool stuff on offer at Giz USA but haven’t been able to take out the prizes? We will have stuff to give away very soon, and it is just for you Australians. Yes, we are hoping to buy your love…
  • When is it coming out here? The classic question, and we’ll aim to get the local knowledge on releases and pricing.
  • More stuff!:Gizmodo USA + Gizmodo Australia = more stuff! Yes, we’re a bit thin on original content while we get rolling, but we’ll be upping the posts and blogger count as we ramp things up. Local tips help big time, so send ’em if you got ’em.
  • Easier commenting: We want you to get involved, so we’ve got a much easier comment process live right now. Submit, and it’ll appear soon after. Too easy.

Feel free to share any thoughts, by email or comment. Notes attached to house bricks will be thrown out without being read, so you’re on notice.