Weekend Wrap: Best of the feed

Welcome to a spanking new week — and the first to bring you some local Giz goodness.


Every morning we'll be getting up in the dark to bring you the Gizmodo feed from the USA, followed by the Breakfast Wrap: our take on the best bits and the parts where we'll be following up to get you the local spin. Like the typical "yes, but when is that coming to Australia?"

You get the idea. Here's the best of the past few days:

Could Dell have a tablet on the way?
Give it enough time and I'm sure this rumour will turn out to be true.

The Magic 8-Ball... naked... at last...
For people who like spoiling Christmas for small children.

Want a taste of the next Windows Media Center before everyone else?
It isn't exactly the Halo 3 beta we're talking about, but a better MC is a happy MC!

Sony Ericsson W970 revealed.
Because everyone likes a sneaky peek.

VIA makes small motherboards even smidgier.
4" x 3". Yeah, that's small.

Force your own bad taste in ringtones onto others.
New tech for making someone else's phone ring with a tone of your choosing — I don't see it reaching the market. Once people realise you could send short voice messages through this signal, without having to pay a call cost? It'll either be buried, or be priced out of existence.

Audio bitrate show ponies get their dues.
160k outta be enough for anyone.

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