We Want This: Free Energy Monitors and Smart Meters

smartmeters.jpgStarting in 2008, every home in the UK will be able to request a free real-time energy monitor from their power company in order to keep track of how much power each appliance is using. However, real-time energy monitors aren't even the best way to keep track of energy consumption—smart meters are.

These smart meters one-up energy monitors because they can be remotely read by the power company, can be calibrated to record information for billing, and even be monitored over the Internet to see what devices you've left on standby. Plus, they're presented in meaningful graphs like the one above so you can figure out what's what.

Do we have your attention, US energy companies? We want these. We don't care if they're energy monitors or smart meters, but we want these by 2008.

Homes to get free energy monitors [BBC via Treehugger]

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