VIZCap, A Reinvention Of The Bottle Cap For Hypochondriacs

viz_bottle.jpgWhat will those packaging geniuses think of next? The VIZCap is their latest flight of fancy, a bottle cap that stores vitamins and fizzies away from that liquid, high and dry so they won't lose any of their potency.

When you're ready to quaff that revitalising energy drink in all its vitamin supplement/herbal glory, push down on the cap and those dry ingredients are released into the liquid below, effervescing and/or dissolving their little hearts out. It'll be enough commotion to really make it seem like something big and curative is happening.

The VIZCap's creators, a cryptically named group calling itself AFGL, say they're "taking on the behemoth beverage industry", apparently hoping to sell their bottle caps to those evil megacorporations by calling them names. Good luck, guys.

Product Page [AFGL]

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