USB-Powered Surgical Mask Tortures You, Saves Others from Your Disease


The idea of wearing a surgical mask to keep your disease out of others' bodies hasn't quite caught on in the US yet, but the Japanese have taken that custom one step further with this $21 USB Health Mask. Plug it into any USB port, (there is also a $10 AC-powered version) and a fan on each side will keep that face comfy-cool while keeping those deadly germs and pesky pollen at bay.

Sure, this has got to offer better ventilation than one of those suffocating surgical masks you see Japanese people wearing in public, but imagine living with the noise and the vibration of these two cooling fans strapped to your head all day long. And that's not even mentioning that you're going to be tethered to your desk with a USB cable attached to your head like a leash. It seems hardly worth it.

USB-Cooled Face Mask. 'Nuff Said. [Coolest Gadgets]

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