USB BB Gun Will Shoot Your Eye Out, Remotely

Sure, you could get that USB foam rocket launcher if you're some sort of wussbag, but if you mean business you know that a couple of soft darts to the face aren't going to really get your message across. You need to get serious.

Nothing's more serious than… well, OK, there are lots of things more serious than a BB gun, but BBs hurt a lot more than foam darts, and you can't shoot someone's eye out with a glorified nerf gun. That's why this crazy USB BB gun is so awesome. Controlled remotely and using a webcam, the creator has all the power he needs to keep those rascally neighborhood kids off his lawn. Luckily for children and small animals everywhere, this is a homebrewed creation and isn't going to be available at Wal-Mart anytime soon.

Remote Controlled USB BB Gun [Everything USB]

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