Underdog Lexmark To Outsmart Competition With Secret Wi-Fi Technology

LexmarkWiFiPrinter.gifLexmark is the Butters of the printing business. Though it regularly gets stomped on by Canon (Kyle), Epson (Stan) and HP (Cartman, of course), it manages to keep an insanely chipper attitude. And like Butters' alter ego Professor Chaos, though it remains consistently behind the pack on such small matters of print and paper quality, Lexmark has in the past used interesting technology to draw attention.

A couple of years ago, Lexmark put a CD burner into a compact 4x6 printer, a first that was later copied by HP. Today, in hopes to draw more positive attention, Lexmark is introducing a lineup of Wi-Fi printers, starting with the $79.99 Z1420 (shown above).

In a demo, the Wi-Fi feature looked easy. The key, of course, is not that it's Wi-Fi, but that it's Wi-Fi that you don't need to be proficient in print-server lingo to set up. Like I said, the demo looked good. When we get our hands on one, we'll report back to see just how good it really is.

Lexmark delivers breakthrough in wireless printing with affordable, easy-to-use inkjets [Lexmark]

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