Toto Travel Washlet: Portable Butt Sprayer, For Wherever You Go


Japanese people are getting so accustomed to having their butts sprayed clean that they're going to need to carry the paraphernalia to do so wherever they go. That's where Japanese toilet butt-spray champ Toto steps in with its Travel Washlet, a porto-ass sprayer that cleans you right up without the need for wiping. This handheld unit differs a bit from the home version, though, where it does the spraying but lacks that heated blow-drying capability of its potty-bound brandmate. So there still will be some dry-up wiping necessary, we assume.

Although these washlet devices might seem bizarre to Americans, if you think about it, the concept actually makes a lot of sense. As one of our erudite commenters so aptly put it, cleaning yourself up after a poop with dry toilet paper is like spreading peanut butter around on a shag carpet. Sorry. Hope you already had breakfast. More details than you ever want to know, all yours in the gallery below.

A Water Gun For Your Butt [Tokyomango](Thanks, Lisa!)

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