The Vista that Could Have Been: Alternative OS Concept Designs Rock


Check out these Vista concept shots. Just look at the packaging pictured above. Would you ever see that lining the shelves at Best Buy? No. And that's what makes seeing this stuff so enjoyable.

Sure, the folder concept is completely space inefficient. And what we can only assume is a pure diamond block case would probably be expensive even for mass production. But my guess is that most consumers would be more likely to impulse buy an OS if it looked like something out of an 80s future movie.

Hit the jump for more concept shots...this time of the OS in action. Let's just say that Aero is looking pretty snazzy right about now. Though, there is one shot in there that screams iPod Nano commercial. Did Apple rip off Longhorn?? Fanboy fight!





Apparently Windows Vista is actually just a modified version of HAL 9000.

PCOnline translated [via gearfuse]

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