The Porsche Phone: Look Ma, No Taste

The Porsche Phone: Look Ma, No Taste

Before you get all over-excited and think that the German carmaker is about to team up with Vertu, à la Ferrari, think again, because the Porsche people are far too cool to do that, preferring to redeploy their technology to the kitchen toward sleek toasters and kettles.

This, my friends, is a cellphone embedded in the model of a Porsche 911 (although, perhaps in an attempt to confuse the Porsche people on the copyright front they have called it the Cayenne (oh dear, Ad… the Cayenne is a type of Porsche – And admit it, that’s some wheeltrim on the phone.

There’s a 2-megapixel camera buried in the windshield, the 262K color screen has an MP3 and MP4 player, it supports micro SD up to 1GB and runs on Dualband GSM. Apart from the kitsch value, there’s a great reason for having this if you have kids. You’ll never need to buy them a mobile, as they’ll always be happy to emulate you by sticking a Matchbox car next to their ear. There’s a picture of it business-side up after the jump.


It’s not as cool as the packet-of-fagsphone, in my book, though.

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