The Intruder: Mobile Phone That Thinks It's A Powder Compact

intruder_phone.jpgThis mobile phone concept, designed by Dennis Hopkins, has been given the most awful name, considering its femme-friendly design. It's called The Intruder—probably something to do with UFOs which, judging by Dennis' website, seem to have influenced his idea.

Just 6.35cm in diameter, the Intruder is less than a centimetre thick when closed. Open it up and a 220x176 pixel display swivels out from the centre section, giving you a 13cm long handset. A rather fabulous circular ray of light emanates from the phone when it rings.

The rather mysterious website isn't giving away any clues as to the technology, but who cares? It's quite cute, but it reminds me more of a powder compact, that rather outmoded cosmetic that only grannies seem to possess, than a UFO. Of course, we women always have seen the world differently to men.

Product Page [Intruder via SciFi Tech]

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