TextSpy: Paranoid, Suspicious Giz Readers Gather Round...

TEXTSPY.jpg ...Because this little 'mo could be the perfect gadget for you. Text Spy can retrieve up any SMS that has been recently deleted from a cellphone - so that could be good if you've accidently deleted the address of the bar you were going to meet your ladyfriend in. For that, I think it's useful. If you think that your ladyfriend has been playing hide the sausage with the pizza delivery boy, then I suppose it's useful too, but you are going down a dangerous road, my friend.

The TextSpy is a professional USB SIM card reader. Install the software provided on the CD onto your PC, plug in the TextSpy with the relevant SIM card inserted and, Shazam-a-lam-a-ding-dong, the last 10 to 20 text messages should show up. But really, guys, at $200, is it worth it? Get your revenge and hit 'em where it hurts: find a new pizza place.

Product Page [Gadgets.co.uk via Shiny Shiny]

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