MacLockPick Interrogates Macs Better Than Jack Bauer Interrogates Terrorists


Imagine if you had a tool that when plugged into a Mac, can extract passwords for logins, disk images, Wi-Fi passwords, iTunes, iChat, Remote Desktop, email, all your banking info, peer to peer information, and arranges it neatly into a database format. That's the MacLockPick. It's pretty neat if you're the one doing the extracting, but very scary if you're the one being extracted from.

However, it's only available to federal and state law enforcement officials as well as licensed investigators, and starts at $499 (discounts apply if you're a po po). So unless your uncle's a professional snooper, you won't be able to get your hands on one of these. Thank jeebus.

Product Page [Subrosasoft via MacWorld via Everything USB via Slashgear]

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